We live in a world where everything is connected. Circuits, data streams, microchips, databases, 5G, and more. But the more our world advances, the more challenges we face when it comes to energy and performance of data communication.

The ASAP Center will address the problem of energy efficient data communication from microscale (on-chip) to the macroscale (chip-to-chip and rack-to-rack) by developing fundamental technology solutions spanning materials and processes to devices and system architectures. ASAP will establish a materials-to-systems codesign research framework guided by industry leaders and experts from materials science, nanofabrication, electronic and photonic device physics, and circuit and architecture design. By understanding and tackling the urgent needs of the semiconductor industry, ASAP will have a sustainable impact on the future of computing and communication infrastructure.

The Center's research will help the US semiconductor industry to maintain their technological leadership in critical technologies, including high-performance computing, advanced manufacturing, 5G and beyond, and further support the commercialization of these technologies to businesses in the US. The Center will add strength to areas of national security, healthcare, food security, and transportation where electronics are a key aspect of the supply chain. By engaging with companies of diverse sizes, the Center will foster opportunities for future workforce training not only in technical competence, but also in leadership and entrepreneurship.

Theme 1

Materials Discovery for Next-Generation Electrical and Optical Interconnects 

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Theme 2

Heterogeneous 3D Integration

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Theme 3

Circuits and Architectures for Highly Energy-Efficient Computing 

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